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email I sent after not having slept.

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

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From: will sanders
Subject: RE: YEAH! JET LAG!
Sent: Sunday, January 7, 2007 2:07 AM

My official first act in china was to miss my plane and proceed to tip the guy in the mens room, I now think around sixteen bucks for handing me a towel. You live and learn.
china fact #1
I am a moron
china fact #2
washroom attendants now love me.
two hour delay at hartsfield, and a three hour delay leaving LA caused me to land just as my connecting flight was leaving. I have now smiled, jestured, said “you do what now?” and been confused and yelled at by every single china air terminal and info booth and baggage claim and tea vender, but I did manage to convince them that the nice thing would be to do would be to let me have a later flight. Meanwhile my new boss has to wait for me in Zhengzhou for several hours, but seems very pleasant and ok with the whole thing.
From atlanta to la I was sitting next to an american woman from northern california just back from florida. we had nothing to say to each other so it was ackward.
from LA to Beijing I sat next to a couple from china, who spoke no english (or just really had no interest in saying anything to the likes of me) and so we couldn’t speak to each other. this was a very non ackward situation and more of a whatareyougonnado type deal.
20 hours I sat on the inside next to a window I could see nothing out off because of the wing, crammed in like veil. the bordom mounted and the muscles in my cramped legs atrophied. the meals were good though, and they showed CARS by picsar which I had not seen.

oh you will dig this.
My travel buddy from La has been a guy who after having suffered what he described as an unusually painfull devorce he said fuck it and got a one way ticket to study shoulin kung fu with some monks. four grand a year and five days a week of bust ass morning till sleep. He had also missed his connecting flight due to the delay and we vowed to conquer the beijing airport together, may as well be lost together I said, he was of the same mind. It all went well until we lost each other in the shuffle, I hope to see my new friend again but doubt that I will.

And time, fuck time.
Time used to be a tangable and reliable unquestionable thing. Time has been showing his ass all over the place for the past, the past, oh, I have no way of measuring or describing how long becasue everytime I get anywhere time wants to get all cute. I lost saturday. It just didn’t happen. It hurts my head to contemplate how long I have been awake and maybe if I ever get sleep and time calls me first to appologize and bury the hatchet the whole goddamn universe will once again be logical but for the moment I seem to be in Beijing.

Coming soon, China adventure

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007