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Sunday, June 17th, 2007

Dr. Zira: What will he find out there, doctor?
Dr. Zaius: His destiny.

 Hey good friends, blog believers, and family, your wayward prodical son just quickly checking in, if you didn’t see already I have a new post about my week in Beijing and I have new exciting WOW pictures up, more soon I think.  I will try anyways.  The post is endless, I am sorry about that too.  It may take a while to sit down and read, for those of you with lots of time on your hands (in between arts and crafts and yard time at the Fulton corectional, put down the shank and give the blog a look) it maybe a good time killer.  Sometimes I got a lot to say and I don’t readers digest myself, I worry if I ever did leave anything out, maybe in a few years I will forget, which I think defeats the core purpass for writting it down in the first place.  So if you do read it let me know what you think and if it is too much of a chore than I dig that too.  Amy Bugg  and Carson said they liked it.  They are never wrong about anything.  Well, hardly ever wrong.  I am never wrong.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the last week of class this semester.  This means saying goodbye to all my kids, I will miss a good 900 out of 1000 of the little Chinese ragamuffins, and although I have been here such a short while, I find myself getting a little chokey in the back of the throat when I tell them how wonderful the time teaching them has been, best thing I ever did I tell them.

Meanwhile, today they gave me my own water cooler.  It is the coolest!

Meanwhile, my mom sent me a bunch of junk food from America, I will call her before she reads this, it is almost 1 am there now, she is asleep.  She just retired a few weeks ago by the way.  I hear she is adjusting to life without work nicely.  I think that will be my calling if I ever live that far.  I hope I do.  If not, Mom I love you.

Meanwhile, my sister Kate is getting more and more pregnant, well, I mean to say fat.  So she says anyway.  They are up in the air because they don’t know when Adam (my brother in law) will get assigned a job in Memphis, and they arn’t allowed to switch docters mid pregnancy, so there is a good chance they will have the baby and  then have to pick up stakes and move to Memphis, or he’ll have to pick up stakes and head North and she will be birthin the baby solo.  Aparently the air trafic control game involves a slight lack of understanding to employee person needs, but he will be making a ton of money off the bat I think.  The cool thing is that I will have family in Memphis so I see a lot more Graceland in my future.  Seriously, I am heading up there to see them when I can, I love them and I love that city.  Of coarse I will have to wait until they move there and I am back states side again.

Meanwhile, I am planning a big trip to Thailand and Laos for next month, still trying to work out the last minute kinks and bugs that arrise in my plans, but so far, OK.  I will be going alone and will be gone for 2 months.  After going by train all the way South, I have a flight leaving Macou (next to Hong Kong) and I will land in Bangkok and will head North to trek through tribal, elephant infested hill country.  There is a place my buddy (US SGT.) Doug Brown told me about, a town called Lopburi near Bangkok where everyone is too Buddhist to hurt anything so they let the monkeys run the town.  They are fat nasty evil monkies, they collect in hordes and do mischief (as monkies do best) and people throw them junk food by the fist full just to leave them be.  I can’t wait to see evil monkey town.    Here is a good address that has pictures of the monkeys, one of which has the monkeys patrolling what apears to be human beings trapped in a cage.

“Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!”

When I get to the Northern border I will cross into Laos and spend a few days on the Mekong floating in a raft and drinking.  In the South of Laos live a very rare, very endangered bread of river dolphins.  Good tubing I hear, too.  Then at the bottom of Laos I head West back into Thailand maybe dip into Cambodia to see Angkor Watt, then back to Bangkok and then to China.  If I have time I will head south along the Thai pennesula to dig on the beaches and do some snorkeling and drink on the beach.  I hope I have time.

Meanwhile, the short documentary on the subject of Richard Nixon’s one day trip to Alabama when he met George Wallace made by Carson and Marcus has been accepted into the Southern circuit film festival, it will travel a tour of 8 cities, 50/50 at this point if one of them will be Atlanta, it sounds like the festival has 2 curcuits and one swings by A-town and one does not.  If it does and I hear I will let you know.  Either way in the last post (my beijing week) is a link to the movie, give it a look I think highly of it.  Honest.

Meanwhile, Han Xiao Yin called me today, I will go have diner with his family, I wonder if they will serve dog again.  I hope you won’t think less of me if I sort of hope so.  I haven’t seen him in a while, he has been busy with school in Zhengzhou, I have missed my friend.  Robert Paraguasu recently emailed me about a snippet of news he had found involving a student riot in Zhengzhou, I hadn’t heard a thing about it over here, even though I am only a few short hours away from there.  Not the kind of news they report in China.  If anyone hears or sees any news of civil unrest, especially in the Henan province of China let me know.  There is a good chance Xiao Yin will be able to tell me the low down tonight, I doubt he had anything to do with it, he isn’t the riot type.

Meanwhile, I think that’s all I got.  All the news I feel like sharing at the moment anyway (wink).  If you make it through the whole post on Beijing I thank you for taking the time.  Check out my new pictures, I will try to get more up this week.  I have so many. 

“Its a mad house!  A mad house!”


Friday, June 15th, 2007

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Sunday, June 10th, 2007