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So sad to say, I must be on me way

Tomarrow I leave for the sunny Heinan.  I don’t know whethor I will be able to find a computer along the way so I may be out of the loop for the next 3 weeks.  Next time I talk to you I will be 30 and very tan, and maybe a little hung over. 

Wish me luck


4 Responses to “So sad to say, I must be on me way”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Sanders,
    Have fun!
    Stay Green

  2. Matt O. Says:

    Happy Birthday Will. Glad you made it out of the country before you turned 30. Hopefully I’ll be as lucky.

    Make sure to summarize all in a beefy post when you get back, I look forward to hearing it.

  3. elenore Says:

    Happy birthday

  4. amy bugg Says:

    Gee whiz Will Sanders! I’ll miss your updates and emails, but I’ll expect a really long one when you get back. I hope that you are having the most exciting, adventurous, and awesome birthday ever!! I love you!

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