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quick update from Kunming, Yunnan PRC

Man I can’t even tell you how crazy life is this past week.  I have traveled hundreds and hundreds of miles and been in transit or sleeping all the time.  I have slept on trains, boats, and busses.  never in the same city for more than one night yet.  I am seeing some stuff you could not believe or imagine.  My whole soul sings a wonderful song, and I am not trying to be sappy, ironic, or funny in any way. 

 Its true!  Its true!

I don’t sleep and my feet hurt and we eat the same food every meal, (a whole fish carcuss which we are sposed to pick at and place bits in a rice bowl) and the travel co. have it set up so every single cool place we go we have to go to three outlet stores that sell

 A) pearls/sculpted marble/sculpted jade

 B) Tea

 C)chinese medicine

three a day.  Yesterday they actually took us to the same one they had taken us to the day before and didn’t move the bus for at least an hour.  At first they tried to get me to sit trapped in a classroom for a half hour sales lecture about fish oil.  I have since learned how to stubbornly say “I am not going” in Chinese.

Ah, but I have been finding ways to escape.  Me and my new best bro (the stooge formally) have teamed up and started leaving the tour bus behind.  We use the lonely planet as our guide and have had adventures that you would not believe.  Really great terrific times, and the tour company has had it with us.  HAHAHA!  Up yours tour company!

And I feel that the former stooge and I are at the end of the buddy cop movie where the two mismatched detectives realize they are on the same side and therefore buds for life.  I have been teaching him how to swear in english and he teaches me in Chinese.  He loves it, and I keep having to remind him when he gets to America he can’t just use the F word all the time.  He warns me simalarly of the phrase “nei to ma da” which I will unleash on someone in China who will not expect it.  Got to find someone who really has it coming as it is a way bad thing to say.

So anyway, dispite the underhanded scheming of the tour company I am having the time of my life.  I really think this has been a life altering thing being some of the places I have been this week.  I have taken around 400 pictures so far and still have 5 days left, 5 days of Guilin and Yangshou (ahhhhhhhh Yangshou) and I promise to write a lot when I get back to Henan. 

Love and miss all of you and see you all in my dreams a lot.


PS I don’t remember if I wrote it last time or not but Georganna and Andy Wiley are now the proud parents of Bela Luna Love Wiley.  God bless.

lots more later blog believers so stay tuned.

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  1. Matthew Swann Says:

    Glad you’ve been having a kick ass time with your stooge. Is he the Jackie Chan to your Chris Tucker? Photos ASAP.

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