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willsanderschinaadventure fantasy grab bag charity sweepstakes

I got the word that last week some horrific monster hit and run Jessica (Jessica Jugs on myspace) while she rode her bike.  May that person come forward and make square or rot in hell.  She has no inscurance, as I’m sure is the case with many people reading this blog.  I don’t know any real details aside from what was posted on myspace, it sounds really bad though, she needs plastic surgery.  I have met this girl an odd hand full of times and she may or may not know me from a bottle of glue, but it seems like anybody treading through life without health inscurance is shooting craps with the same set of dice this girl was using.  Is it her fault or your fault or my fault that in the richest country in the world only the rich can afford to get hit by a car?  God forbid something does happen to you or me (all the way out here in China) but if it did I’d really like to think that the atlanta rock n roll kids would pull and scrape together the best they could to help me out.So here is the deal:

I will start putting together a Chinese grab bag full of shit I find out here, nice tea, num chucks, paper lanturns, cool clothes, stuff I think is funny, and I can take requests.

and it goes to whoever donates the most or helps out in the coolest way. It may take me a month or two to make it perfect but I promise this will happen.  I know its not much but its all I can think to do from here.  What are you planning on doing from there?

When me and Adam (hunter) ’s apartment burned down back in 2000, a couple we had never met convinced the people they worked with at a starbucks to give us the entire nights total tip out to help us get on our feet.  two people we didn’t even know.

This could just as easy be you.  Ever seen the last five minutes of any movie by Frank Capra?  Punk rock people look hard but have hearts the size of peterbuilt trucks which they wear on their sleaves.  C’mon ya’ll!

I am looking for creativity, level of helpfullness, or if somebody spends a whole assload of money that trumps everything.

A friend of Jessica’s named Lori has set up a paypal account for deposits at

or send it straight to her parents at

Jessica Juggz
7780 Appaloosa Tr.
Gainesville, GA 30506

but don’t bother any of those folks with questions about anything here, just go to me.  Unless sending them money I am your man, I figure they got enough to think about.

but make sure to email me and let me know what you did so I can consider you for the willsanderschinaadventure fantasy grab bag charity sweepstakes.  I will probably let this run for about a month or two while I put together a cool enough set of prizes.  OK, starting to feel like NPR pledge week so I need to stop.

By the way if you have never seen a Frank Capra movie I recomend

Mr Smith goes to Washington, Meet John Doe, You can’t take it with you (in which the song ‘polly wally doodle’ solves all of lifes problems) and most especially Mr Deeds goes to Town.  And of coarse its a wonderful life, but only at christmas.

Thanks blog believers!

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  1. Carson Says:

    Her last name is Reed and it’s really strange to me to read a blog from China to find out about this.

    Since I just found out I’m gonna think on it, but Will is right. She’s a great person and deserves any help you can afford to send her way.

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