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It is time to take care of some bidness here at the adventure. First I will plug a few things in Atlanta, then I need to give you the Chinese version of my address. Please read and participate.

Sometimes I get the word that something is happening in Atlanta that makes me more homesick than usuall. I was thinking I would take a few minutes and mention a few of these things. I would go to these if I were not in China, if you live in the metro Atlanta area you should get out and see this stuff it is soo cool.

First is the Bloodcar screening at the Atlanta festival. I am proud as hell to boast that I made some of the blood for this movie (the titchular blood) as well as a fake hippo with my friend Robert Paraguasu and even if that were not the case, and even if I wasn’t friends with the folks over at fake wood (some really really nice and cool people, no lie) I would think that Blood car may be the coolest movie ever. It has been all over the place winning awards and I think it is really special and great and if you don’t go to see it on the big screen with the cast and crew you will regret it later and realize that you are stupid stupid stupid for not going to see blood car. Go to see this movie as a favor to yourself. you deserve it. I am not shitting you, bloodcar really does rule. It will make you laugh a whole lot and it is good and it even has blood and boobies. Sort of a no lose kind of thing.
here is the info as I copied and pasted it.

Fake Wood Wallpaper’s award-winning Blood Car will screen at the Atlanta Film Festival this week for ONLY TWO NIGHTS!

Thursday, April 26 at 10pm
Friday, April 27 at 515pm

at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema

(678) 495-1424

Tickets are available online at or at the Midtown Art Box Office.

They also are bloodcar on myspace and I think they have a websight.

If you go (which you really totally should) tell them I said hello.

Here is another one that I wish I could do. These are two great artists who make really good stuff that seems to always be way way cool. They are really good friends and they have been making art for this show night and day. They never ever ever suck so this show should be really really cool. Caroline does a lot of clay and Julia is into metal but they have both infected each other in strange ways and so they are each utlizing both forms for the first time ever. Julia has asked that I not use the word ‘ infected’ as people think that the two of them are wierd enough already. I will use the word ‘infected’ because I think it is funny and I am a real jerk sometimes. It sure is true. Here is the copied and pasted info:

JULIA HILL and CAROLINE SMITH are having an opening reception:

Friday, May 11th (7-10pm) @

The White Space
814 Edgewood Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30307

The website has some cool images of past and future exhibits too.

If you go, (which you totally should) tell them I said hello


here is the blah blah blah on my friend Erin’s posse of Atlanta artists. It seems like a really good thing that will ultimatly stregthen the art scene in Atlanta, a the big perenial bitch of just about everyone I know. Great things like bloodcar and Caroline and Julia’s show do happen all the time in Atlanta, but they go so much better and are so much more fun when people show up. The good feelings coalition seems to be a just crazy enough to work sort of deal that everyone in A-town oughta know all about and support, just as they should be out supporting all the local art movies and music they can. They got a Zene and they even got a coloring book. When was the last time you got to do a coloring book? they are still cool I think, just try not to eat so much playdow this time.
here is the copied and pasted info she sent me:

The Good Feelings Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating the exchange of information and ideas between contemporary artists and the community, increasing exposure for local artists, and creating unique opportunities for the artist to connect with the public. The Good Feelings Coalition provides resources and a forum for explorations of non-traditional public mediums such as collaboration, distribution, and interactivity. We also engage by circulating information about artists, venues, and art practice. The coalition celebrates creativity and experimentation and encourages an environment of innovative expression among artists and within the community as a whole.


- Curate, facilitate and financially support public art projects and exhibitions of local artists’ work.

- Publish and distribute the work of local artists through our magazine, LAZLO HOLLYFELD

- Provide convenient access to information about art related events and opportunities for artists.

And one last thing going down in Atlanta:
Georgeanna and Andy and Their little un are going to Atlanta this summer around June I think and ask for everyone to make plans to see them.

finally I want to clearify what went down with the last blog: confusion went down.
So Here are the Chinese Characters for my address, just print them and paste them directly to what ever you are sending if you are good enough to send anything. My father sent me a packedge in January and I got it yesterday, so It may take a while, and please remember to get a tracking number, it may get lost in the mail and if so they will be able to find it, other wise you get what we got with my father and I.
here is the english version:
No. 96 Kaixuan road, Shangqiu city, Henan province
China, 476000

Here is the Chinese which you can print out and stick on the box.

School Name and Address
In closing please email me. I want your emails, they make me glad.

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    Actually I hate that school very very much,I hope I will never go there any more.

    Will,I hope everything is very very fine of you! (did I make some mistakes in this sentance?But I am sure you can make sense no matter how big the mistake is! hehe…)

    Take good care!


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