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Alice responds

So the other night my good friend Alice and I went to dinner. She challenged me to play drinking games with beer and before she finished off her 22 of Tsingtao she was drunker than Cooter Brown. She commented on this and pointed to the line where the beer was (mid-label) and said next time she must remember to stop drinking when the line gets to here, she indicated maybe a quater to half inch up the bottle, which of coarse would have made all the difference. She assured me that she would not drink anymore. I agreed, and she said “cheers” and we drank a toast to the idea. Then we drank another. We then wandered aimlessly through jade jewlery and clothes stores. She told me this was the first time she had ever been drunk in her life, here I am spreading the evils of the west. Then she wanted a haircut (9 at night) so we did that, which seemed to sober her up, just a little. Now I will have to write another blog about the 64 things I like about Alice because when she reads what I just wrote she will be mad mad mad!

That night I asked her if I could post the email she sent me in response to my last post. She said I could. Maybe I should call her and ask her if it is ok because she was drunk last time. Hang on a second I’ll be right back…. Well I just woke her up, but it is 2:30 in the afternoon so how was I to know? She said its cool if I post the email so here it is:

Dear Will,
Sorry,I reply you E-mail so late.
I appreciate your concernings very much. You know, actully you are a very great man. You come all the way to China and you love China very much. And you are tring to learn more about China.
And I also learnt a lot from you. You are my teacher and the best friend in this world. You care about me and my feelings. For this I owe you a lot. I enjoyed every minute when I talk with you, ride with you and have dinner with you.
There are lots of culture shocks. It’s difficult to understand another culture or fit in another society. But so far you did it very well. You are so cool and not stubborn at all.
Enjoy your time in China. And have a nice day!

Here that? She thinks I’m cool!

5 Responses to “Alice responds”

  1. marcus Says:

    Just give her all the dirt on the good ole US of A

  2. Michelle Allerdice Says:

    If it makes you feel good, I think you’re really cool, too.

  3. Will Says:


  4. Andrew Says:


    Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what it loves…

  5. Jane Says:

    …She said right,you are really a great man.

    Have a wonderful trip!


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